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Signal generators
Noise emitters
Variable repetition rate impulse generators
9 kHz - 3 GHz Comparison Noise Emitter w/ OATS calibration

The Model NE3000 Comparison Noise Emitter is a broadband noise source, which can be used as a reference standard for comparison of different test sites (OATS, screened rooms, anechoic chambers, etc.). The continuous, broadband output of the device reduces the probability of missed resonances possible when using a non-continuous standard (comb generators, pulse generators, etc.). The device is self contained and batterypowered. The device will typically operate for up to six hours on new batteries. The Model NE3000 is supplied with vertical and horizontal OATS calibration data (3m) and consists of a base unit, three monopole antennas, a LISN adapter, two coaxial adapters, and a foam-lined carrying case.


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