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E-field Generators for EMC Testing.
10 kHz to 100 MHz • 1000 V/m
Between The Elements

AR E-field generators offer exceptional uniformity between the elements. Our ATE10K30M uses low inductance high-power internal load resistors to terminate RF power, and offers well-matched input VSWR. The ATE10K100M is our own patent-pending folded-dipole type design. And we haven't yet found a test object the ATE10K30M-1 can't handle.
model description
ATE10K100M 10 kHz - 100 MHz, 500 Watt input power, E Field Generator
ATE10K30M 10 kHz - 30 MHz, 2000 Watt input power, E Field Generator
ATE10K30M-1 10 kHz - 30 MHz, 3000 Watt input power, E Field Generator

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