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System controllers
Remote control interface
Isolated IEEE-488 and Keyboard Interface

The Model CP3000A is an IEEE-488/RS232 compatible interface, designed to provide remote control of many AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation amplifiers. It will support all necessary commands under IEEE-488-1986 and RS232. The CP3000A will control and monitor all AR amplifiers equipped with cabled remote control capability via a 25-pin subminiature D remote connector (see chart on back). The Model CP3000A provides electrical isolation between the amplifier and the communications bus via a DC-DC switching power supply, relays and optical isolation of all signal lines. This isolation eliminates transient and RF interference, encountered in susceptibility testing, from affecting the control interface and the IEEE-488 bus. Constructed in a small shielded enclosure, it can be used at the amplifier or at a distance via remote cable. The CP3000A comes in either a cabinet or with nineteen-inch rack-mount brackets. Included on the front panel are pushbutton switches and a 2 x 20 Vacuum Fluorescent Display that control and indicate the amplifier's status. The rear panel provides the 25-pin D connector, the IEEE-488 interface connector, 9-pin subminiature D RS232 connector, blanking output, blanking pulse input, address switches and switches used to configure the unit according to the type of amplifier to which it is connected.


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