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EMI receivers
Down converters
Shielded enclosure leak detectors
Down Converter, 18 - 40 GHz

This low noise, high dynamic range down-converter translates signals in the 1826.5 GHz and 26.540 GHz bands (K and Ka-bands) to the 418 GHz band for further processing by a spectrum analyzer or an EMC test receiver such as the CER2018A.
The CFE1840 provides ample gain of RF signals to accommodate long cable runs between the down converter and the EMC test receiver, while maintaining a good noise figure for the system. The CFE1840 has a stable, built-in noise source to facilitate self-test and self-calibration operations.
The CFE1840 integrates seamlessly with the CER2018A EMC test receiver, forming a 20Hz to 40GHz test system. When plugged into the CER2018A using any of the supplied cable sets, the CER2018A senses the presence of the CFE1840 automatically.


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