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Broadband Log Periodic Antennas for RFI and EMI Testing

These rugged, dependable high gain log periodic antennas give you the constant high intensity fields you need for RFI and EMI testing in and out of a shielded room.  They deliver frequency response and field intensity beyond the norm.  AR's log periodics are designed for high power radiated testing and can be calibrated for emissions.

Their lightweight modular design makes assembly and relocation easy.  And they're built tough, so they can withstand extreme temperatures.

Radiant Arrows, an AR Innovation

The newest Radiant Arrow®; model ATR26M6G-1, covers 26 MHz to 6 GHz, can handle up to 5,000 watts input power and has extremely low VSWR making it an excellenct choice for high field-strength immunity testing. This antenna provides a size reduction of approximately 75% wihtout sacrificing key electrical performance such as gain and beamwidth.

From the AR family of bent element antennas comes the Radiant Arrow 80® ( ATR80M6G - for fields from 80 MHz to 6.0 GHz) representing a significant advance in the science of log periodic antennas.  The patented Arrow accepts up to 5000 watts input, offers 6.0 dBi (± 1.5) gain and produces a high field even in the toughest applications.  The Arrow can also be calibrated for emissions testing.  Efficient, compact and portable, its 60% smaller than standard log periodics. For more lower-end frequency responses, AR developed the Radiant Arrow 26® ( ATR26M6G ) , which goes from 26 MHz to 6.0 GHz with at least 10 dB better performance at 26 MHz. The ATR26M250 (for fields from 26 MHz - 250 MHz) is suitable for high-field testing at 15k watts.

model description
ATR26M6G 26 MHz - 6 GHz, 6,000 watt input power, Log Periodic Antenna (Includes horizontal to vertical pivot)
ATR26M6G-1 26 MHz - 6 GHz, 5,000 watt input power Radiant Arrow/Log Periodic Antenna, 2.18 meter overall width (includes vertical to horizontial pivot)
ATR26M250 26 - 250 MHz, 15kW input power, Log-Periodic Antenna (includes horizontal to vertical pivot)
ATR80M6G 80 MHz - 6 GHz, 5,000 watt input power, Log Periodic Antenna (Includes horizontal to vertical pivot)
ATL80M1G 80 - 1000 MHz, 2000 watt input power, Log-Periodic Antenna (includes horizontial to vertical pivot)
ATL150M1G 150 - 1000 MHz, 2000 Watt input power, Log-Periodic Antenna
ATS700M11G 700 MHz - 10.5 GHz, 300 Watt input power, Stacked Log-Periodic Antenna

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