Ultra-low Value Current Sense Chips


The lowest ohmic value of the ULR series has been decreased from 0.5mΩ to 0.2mΩ in the 1206 and 2010 sizes and, even further, to 0.15mΩ in the 2512 size.


ULR is an AEC-Q200 qualified metal strip chip resistor rated from 1 to 3W. With precision to ±1% tolerance and ±50ppm/°C TCR, these are suitable for accurate current sensing across a wide temperature range from -55 to +170°C.

The reduction in minimum ohmic value will permit designers of power supplies and DC-DC converters to achieve up to 70% reduction in energy wastage when measuring high currents. This will now be possible without resorting to larger footprints just to get into the low hundreds of micro-ohms range. The ULR therefore delivers benefits of reduced power loss, reduced voltage drop and minimised PCB footprint.


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