DC / DC converters for carbide-silicon MOS transistors


To meet the requirements of next-generation MOSFETs, the company Recom introduces two new series of DC / DC converters 2W, specially designed for silicon carbide power MOSFET drivers. One of the problems to manage SiC MOSFET is the high frequency and high voltage switching them. High voltage difference between the control input and the power part of the silicon carbide MOSFET can cause the insulation degradation and failure.

Series RxxP22005D and RHM-xx2005D issued with the isolation resistance 3 kV, 4 kV and 5,2kV DC voltage to ensure trouble-free operation. Switching SiC MOSFET requires a voltage level and turn off, which are not standard IGBT or other MOS transistors. Series RxxP22005D and RHM-xx2005D available with an input voltage of 5V, 12V, 15V or 24V and has an asymmetrical output + 20V and -5V for the efficient and effective management of SiC MOSFET.

These converters have a low parasitic capacitance, power distribution opportunity for the exit and fully comply with UL-60950-1 standards, RoHS2 and REACH. High operating temperatures in combination with high frequent switching silicon carbide MOSFETs put forward higher requirements for power supplies. This innovative development of RECOM uses only high quality components known manufacturers, providing a 3-year warranty, even in harsh environments.


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