Xsens Technologies B.V.

Xsens releases new MTi-G-710

Xsens has released the MTi-G-710, an improved version of Xsens' flagship, the MTi-G-700.

The MTi-G-710 is a new standard in high performance IMU-enhanced GNSS/INS, ideal for applications with challenging GNSS-visibility. It supports multiple constellations such as GPS and GLONASS concurrently and supports height above MSL, next to height above ellipsoid.






Input voltage4.5-34V or 3V3Latency< 2 ms
Typical power consumption675-950 mWInterfacesRS232/RS485/422/UART/USB (no converters)
IP-ratingIP 67 (encased)Standard full range gyro450 º/s (1000 º/s available as an option)
Temperature-40 to 85 ºCStandard full range acc50 m/s2 (150 m/s2 available as an option)
Vibration and shockMIL STD-202 ; 2000gIn-run bias stability gyro10 o/h
Sampling frequency10 kHz/channel (60 kS/s)Bandwidth gyro450 Hz
Output frequencyUp to 2 kHzBandwidth acc375 Hz

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