High Temperature
1200V/30A Dual SiC MOSFET Module


CISSOID, the leader in high temperature semiconductorsolutions, releases CHT-PLUTO, a high temperature power module that can operatereliably between -55°C and +225°C, delivering up to 60A. CHT-PLUTO is a dualSilicon Carbide MOSFET module primarily meant for half-bridges with 30Acontinuous capability for both low-side and high-side. The two independentswitches can be used in parallel to deliver a total of 60A with a breakdownvoltage in excess of 1200V and a low on-resistance of 23mΩ at 25°C and 50mΩ at225°C at VGS=20V.

High operating frequenciescan be used thanks to the low switching losses of the SiC transistors.CHT-PLUTO also embeds freewheeling Schottky diodes with a low forward voltageVf that reduces the power dissipation during dead times. Each switch can becontrolled with a standard -5/+20V gate voltage.

CHT-PLUTO is available in ahermetically sealed 8 pins proprietary “HM8A” metal package with dimensions of18mm x 29mm excluding mounting tabs. The devices are electrically isolated fromthe case of the package. The module features a low junction-to-case thermalresistance of 0.7°C/W for each 30A channel. Two additional sources connectorsallow for an easy and robust connection to the gate driver.

CHT-PLUTO is suitable toimplement a half bridge for applications such as power converters, inverters ormotor drives. When putting the two switches in parallel, CHT-PLUTO can handle 60Awith a lower Rth of 0.35°C/W. Several modules can also be parallelized tohandle even higher current.

CISSOID’s recently announced hightemperature gate driver technology, HADES®v2, is the ideal companion to driveCHT-PLUTO. Thanks to its high peak current capability and its high dV/dTrobustness, HADES®v2 allows for very fast switching, reducing the powerdissipation in the module. With these optimizations, the power designer canincrease the operating frequency and hence select lower values for the passivecomponents (input/output filters, decoupling capacitors) and save a lot on thehigh cost on these components, as well as the volume and weight of the system.The combination of CHT-PLUTO and HADES®v2 opens the door for the implementationof very compact and highly integrated power converters / motor drivers withpower rating from a few kW to tens of kW, working reliably up to 225°C.

Pierre Delatte, CTO at CISSOID, said: “CHT-PLUTO isthe second product in our offering for power switches at high temperature /high voltage. After CHT-NEPTUNE, our 10A/1200V single switch introduced in2013, CHT-PLUTO brings a half bridge module with higher current rating andstill supporting the extreme environments from -55°C to +225°C. We are proud torelease CHT-PLUTO after intensive R&D efforts to meet the challenges ofreliability at high temperature. CHT-PLUTO actually brings the system designerswhat they know they can expect from a CISSOID product: it does what it says.This module enables new possibilities for high power applications at hightemperature, without compromising the robustness of the solution.”


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