3-PhasePower Factor correction Module


SynQor Announces its New MilCOTS3-phase MPFCQor. The MilCOTS 3-phase MPFCQor PowerFactor Correction module is an essential building block of an AC-DC powersupply. Used in conjunction with SynQor’s MCOTS AC line filter and a limitedamount of stabilizing capacitance, the 3-Phase MPFCQor will draw a nearlyperfect sinusoidal current (1.5% THD) from each phase of a 3-phase AC input. Itis designed and manufactured to comply with a wide range of military standards.

Optional Features:

  • Full-brick form factor;
  • 1.5kW continuous (2.0kWsurge capability);
  • Semi-regulated output:270Vdc;
  • Compatible with MilitaryStandard 60Hz, 400Hz and var. freq. systems;
  • Meets military standards forharmonic content;
  • Enables systems withrepetitive load transients to pass MIL-STD-461 ;
  • Minimal inrush current;
  • Balanced phase currents;
  • Minimal external outputcapacitance needed;
  • Supports full load currentduring startup ramp;
  • Additional Half-brick input filteravailable to meet full EMI;
  • 100°C max baseplatetemperature at full power;
  • Compatible with SynQor MCOTS- 270 / Bus Convert.

Control Features:

  • All control pins referencedto separate ground with functional isolation;
  • PFC Enable and Battle Shortinputs;
  • AC and DC Power Good outputs;
  • Clock synchronization output;
  • 3.3V standby power output.

Protection Features:

  • Output current limit andauto-recovery short circuit protection;
  • Auto-recovery inputunder/over-voltage protection;
  • Auto-recovery outputover-voltage protection;
  • Auto-recovery thermal shutdown.

Download technical information MPFCQor (PDF 4,56 Mb)


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