Hyperkinetic™ Hi-Speed, High-Density Hyperboloid Modular Interconnects from IEH


The Hyperkinetic Connector is a shielded, high-density, hi-speed modular interconnect which employs the mission critical capabilities of the hyperboloid contact. IEH developed the Hyperkinetic interconnect platform to meet or exceed future high-level requirements for applications such as - avionics, radar, weapon systems, data storage, and communications including video.

Primary advantages:

  1. The original, proven hyperboloid contact system
  2. High-level vibration and mechanical shock protection
  3. Fretting resistance
  4. Modular construction allows for either VITA footprint or for custom configurations
  5. Ruggedized chassis that is either VITA 3U, 6U or custom sizes and configurations
  6. Data rates from 80 Mbps to over 10+Gbps while retaining the same VITA 46 platform slot pitch at 2.03mm to 25.4mm
  7. High quality materials meets the most demanding applications and specifications
  8. Very low insertion and extraction forces
  9. Custom wafer design allows for mixing differential and single-ended circuits

Key Features of Hyperkinetic™:

  1. Fully footprint compatible with VITA 46, VITA 48 and VITA 60 standard
  2. Hi-Speed: the Hyperkinetic is designed for 10+Gbps data rate performance
  3. 100 ohm impedance for differential pair configuration
  4. The daughtercard assembly is optimized for differential pair architecture on a 1.8mm by 1.35mm grid
  5. The daughtercard connector contains wafers, which provide differential, singleended and power options integrated onto a stainless steel chassis with keying options of 25 on 3U or 125 on 6U
  6. LCP housings meets NASA outgassing requirements > Both the wafers and contact pins are replaceable
  7. ESD protection supports 2-level maintenance designs
  8. Available with either solder-dip or compliant terminations


General specifications:

  • Data Rate: 10+ Gbps;
  • Differential Impedance: 100 ohms;
  • Differential Insertion Loss: -9 dB up to 10 GHz (20 Gbps);
  • Far End Crosstalk: -34 dB up to 5 GHz;
  • Near End Crosstalk: -32 dB up to 5 GHz;
  • Signal Contacts: 3.5 amp;
  • Power Wafer: 12 amps per wafer at 30°C T-Rise;
  • Compliant Pin to Plated Through Hole Resistance: 1 milliohm max;
  • Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: 500 volts RMS;
  • Insulation Resistance: 1000 megaohms;
  • Insertion force per contact: 1.6 oz max, 0.9 oz typical;
  • Extraction force per contact: 1.2 oz max, 0.7 oz typical;
  • Durability: 500 cycle minimum;
  • Number of contacts: 9 per wafer;
  • Number of wafers: 40 for 3U; 104 for 6U; custom upon request;
  • Contact resistance: < 8 milliohms per contact;
  • Temperature: -55°C to 125°C;
  • Temperature Life: 1000 hours at 125°C.


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