Colibrys launches the VS1000 and sets a new standard in vibration sensors


Colibrys (subsidiary of Sagem, Safran) releases its new vibration sensor, the VS1000, which brings capacitive transducers to a new level of performance. This vibration sensor represents the second generation of the Colibrys VS family and is embedding an innovative low noise ASIC, along with its well renowned, exceptionally stable, MEMS die and its hermetic ceramic packaging for robustness and durability. This reinforce Colibrys position has the best-in-class vibration sensor for 0 to 2 kHz.

The vibration sensors market is booming: the U.S. market is expected to reach more than 10 million dollars by 2020 (Research & Markets, 2015). By enabling very precise health monitoring of structures, machinery or transportation, the VS1000 of Colibrys can consequently reduce the operation costs, for example by allowing preventive maintenance, and the early prevention of damages.

Through the VS1000, Colibrys more widely address a market that has been led by Piezoelectric (PE) and Piezoresistive (PR) technologies so far. Key advantages of variable capacitance transducers lie in their long-term durability and a higher accuracy over temperature, at all frequencies, including lower ones due to its exceptional stability. Furthermore, based on 10 years of feedbacks from existing applications, Colibrys has solved the issue of resistance to shock, including repetitive ones. Finally, a smart self-test feature has been embedded in the sensor, as this function is highly valued by key markets of Colibrys - the markets of safety critical systems.

Colibrys benefits from more than 30 years’ experience in MEMS technology. The company is specialized in high-performance sensors, answering to the most demanding critical applications. The VS1000 is the second generation of vibration sensors. “We are proud to announce the VS1000. This sensor embeds the best of our know-how and represents the first of a new generation of variable capacitive MEMS sensors that will consolidate our position in the high-end accelerometer; our technology is superior to the alternative piezo products” says Colibrys CEO Patrick Gougeon. “We are working at expanding the scope of performance achievable by MEMS; we believe that high-end accelerometers will soon be a world of MEMS devices, with their inherent value in terms of size, consumption, robustness, stability and price”.

The VS1000 is currently available in various g-ranges.

Detailed release notes are now available here.

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