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Connectorized, high-density, board-mount transceivers built for rugged vibration and shock applications up to 10Gbps


Glenair PCB mount transceivers are ruggedized harsh-environment equivalents to SFP transceivers but with mechanical design suited to the harsh temperature and vibration environments found in Military and Aerospace applications. PCB mount optical transceivers support optional Digital Monitoring Interface (DMI) features in accordance with SFF 8472. The Transceiver is comprised of a transmitter section and a receiver section that reside on a common package and interface with a host board through a high-speed electrical connector.

Main features:

  1. Smallest footprint available
  2. Passed jet fighter and space launch shock and vibration testing
  3. No soldering required
  4. CML 100 Ohm differential input and output
  5. -40°C to +85°C operating temperature range - extended temperature ranges available

GC fiber optic connector retained with mounting screws to withstand high vibration and shockPCB-mount optoelectronics feature Samtec high-speed surface-mount connectorsDual-transceiver, Quad-Transmitter and Quad-Receiver form factor with ARINC 801 contactsEvaluation boards for all PCB mount transceiver configurations are available

General Purpose Applications:

  • High-Speed Digital balanced signals (i.e. 4B/5B, 8B/10B, 62B/64B etc)
  • Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, 10G Ethernet Fiber Channel (1X, 2X, 4X, 8X), ARINC 818, AFDX, SFPDP, Serial Rapid I/O (sRIO)

Video Applications:



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