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Xsens releases MT Software Suite 4.3



Xsens has released MT Software Suite 4.3, with a wide range of improvements for the:


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Active Heading Stabilization

The feature that stands out in this release is Active Heading Stabilization (AHS). For most applications, the AHS algorithm means a 20 times improvement compared to pure gyroscope dead reckoning. Typical applications that can benefit from AHS are e.g. agricultural vehicles, indoor robotics, satcom on the move (SOTM) and hand held (laser) scanners.


The video shows the MTi on a robotic vacuum cleaner. With a drift of only 1.2 degrees after 17 minutes, the new AHS algorithm is the best performing heading tracking available.

AHS is available immediately as a free firmware upgrade to all MTi customers as part of the released MT Software Suite 4.3.


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More new features

MTi 100-series sensor characterization

The characterization of the MTi 100-series has been optimized. This improves the orientation solution with up to 20%, especially under challenging conditions, e.g. high dynamics.

Full support for 64-bit and ROS Node

Software Suite 4.3 is now fully supported under Linux and available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. A ROS node, coded by Xsens, can be found here.

Robustness and stability

With several improvements in reading/writing cycles for all products and GPS system tweaks in the MTi-G-700, the firmware is the most stable version so far. It is highly recommended to update the firmware.

MT Software Suite 4.3 and detailed release notes are now available here.


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