Moog Protokraft, a divison of Moog Components Group has announced the availability of the rugged Viking series 20 and 20+2 layer 2+ managed 10GB Ethernet switches. This device’s low weight and small size meet the extreme SWaP demands of today’s vehicle architectures.

The 20 port switch consists of 20 triple speed copper ports with Autonegotiation and Auto MDI /MDIX circuitry; while the 20+2 includes an additional 2 x 10GBase-SR MMF ports. Both products are integrated into a wall or floor mounted chassis.

The external copper cable interfaces of the Viking series 20 and 20+2 port Ethernet switches are 2xD38999/25-35 Series III connectors with 10x IEEE-802.3U compliant Gigabit Ethernet ports in each connector plus the 28V DC (16-36Vacceptance) power supply and ground connections. The external fiber optic cable interface of the Viking series 20+2 Ethernet switch is a D38999/13-04 Series III connector with 2x 10GBase-SR multimode fiber optic 10GB Ethernet ports.

Viking Series 20 and 20+2 port Ethernet switches are vibration isolated, environmentally hardened components designed for use in harsh environment applications. These devices also meet the standard military operating temperature requirement of -40 to +80 C (conduction cooled).


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