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SuperNine Series® – The advanced-performance D38999 Series III connector


SuperNine® is the industry’s most complete and advanced D38999 Series III type connector family. From standard environmental-class connectors with improved durability and ease-of-use, to EMI/EMP filter connectors with innovative flange and PC tail termination configurations, SuperNine® offers military and commercial aerospace customers that have standardized on Series III technology the opportunity to improve interconnect system performance and resolve a wide range of persistent electrical, environmental, and mechanical performance problems—all with catalog connector solutions backed by Glenair’s high-availability business model.

SuperNine® delivers improved durability, sealing, cost-of-ownership, ease of shield termination, a broader range of PC tail configurations, environmental and hermetic bulkhead feed-throughs, connector savers, off-the-shelf EMI/EMP filter connectors and more—all supported with Glenair’s well-established reputation for service, support, and fast turnaround.

Series Overview:

SuperNine® Environmental I/O, Cable and PCB Connectors
  • Plug connectors with available nickel Teflon plating and banding porch
  • Complete range of crimp receptacles with high-durability contacts
  • Five different designs of printed circuit board connector standoffs
  • IP68 level sealing in the mated condition
  • High-durability, corrosion-resistant vibration and shock coupler
SuperNine® High-Speed Connectors
  • Full range of hybrid insert arrangements incorporating size #22D signal contacts, plus size #12 and #8 keyed shielded contacts
  • El Ochito®: One full 1G/10G Ethernet channel per standard size #8 cavity
  • Supported applications: 10/100/1G/10G BASE-T Ethernet, analog/digital video, 1553 databus and general RF or differential data transmission
  • Turnkey Quadrax and El Ochito® solutions—from contacts to connectors, wire and termination hardware
SuperNine® High-Pressure Hermetic Connectors
  • Glass-to-metal seal hermetics with sealing up to 1x10-10cc/sec
  • DSCC qualified and derivative solutions with advanced mounting features
  • Pressure resistance to 32,000+ psi
  • Stainless steel, titanium, Kovar® and Inconel® shell material options
  • Bulkhead feed-through and hull penetrator versions
SuperNine® Ruggedized RJ45 and USB Connectors
  • Insert-to-shell grounding for superior EMC continuity and shielding
  • Superior environmental sealing to IP67 compared to COTS solutions
  • Advanced vibration and mechanical shock tolerance
  • Full range of offerings for Cat6a Ethernet: Jacks, Plugs, PC tail and crimp
  • High-temperature rated -40° to +125°C
SuperNine® EMI/EMP Filter Connectors
  • Planar, multilayer ceramic capacitive filters with and without TVS diodes
  • C, L-C, C-L, and Pi filter electrical configurations
  • Special high operating temperature solutions
  • Industry’s broadest range of capacitance: from 10 to 1,000,000 pF
  • Fast and reliable in-house manufacturing of all elements and processes
SuperNine® Fiber Optic Connectors
  • Ultra-lightweight composite thermoplastic connector solution
  • § Qualified size #16 MIL-PRF-29504 pin-socket precision ceramic termini
  • Ultra-tight tolerance shell and cavity for precise axial alignment
  • Ultra-low insertion loss values for both singlemode and multimode
  • Insert arrangements from 2 to 37 ways


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