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El Ochito™: The Ultimate Ethernet Contact

Eight miniaturized contacts in a standard size #8 shielded module—10G Ethernet ready, with dramatic size and weight reduction compared to all other available solutions

Main advantages:

  • Up to 50% total weight savings compared to Quadrax-based solutions
  • One full Ethernet channel per standard size #8 cavity
  • Fast and easy crimp termination of wires to contacts—PC Tails available
  • 100% drop-in solution to installed connectors—no redesign or reinstallation of interfaces
  • Supplied as crimp contacts, wire pigtails, or in PC tail configurations in the connector of your choice—up to 8 Ochito modules in a size 25 D38999
  • Integral spline and short termination maximizes interconnect/cable performance and minimizes crosstalk
  • El Ochito™ delivers the highest density contact system available—twice the density of Quadrax, split Quadrax, or other shielded contact solutions Tested, qualified, and in-stock for immediate shipment

El Ochito™ is a drop-in solution for Series 80 Mighty Mouse, as well as D38999 Series III, EN4165, EN3645, Radiall EPX® and other ARINC standards and is ideally suited for Ethernet, high-definition video, high-speed data loading, and other 1Gb/sec and 10Gb/sec applications.

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