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API Technologies Launches New Configurable Frequency Synthesizers: Feature-rich platform expands company’s footprint in communications, industrial, and defense applications



Offering superior phase noise performance as low as -92 dBc/Hz at 100 kHz offset, the synthesizers are ideally suited for a variety of applications including SIGINT /electronic warfare (EW), SATCOM, Doppler radar, and telecommunication systems. The compact surface mount packaging and affordable price point make these synthesizers an ideal solution for unmanned systems applications.

Available with full octave coverage from 275 MHz to 6 GHz and fractional bandwidths to 10 GHz, the new line of customizable frequency synthesizers offers a standard internal reference, Three additional outputs are available at either the fundamental or divided oscillator frequency with up to +13 dBm output power. No user programming is required for customized features.

In September the Company will launch a set of online and mobile tools that allow engineers to easily configure RF / microwave product to suit their project needs in real time. Ideal for prototype development, the new tools reduce product development process time and release to market while adding functionality that offers performance enhancements.

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