SynQor Expands Its Portfolio of High Voltage NiQor Products with the Release of the NQ60W60HGC40 Non-isolated Converter

Boxborough, MA - SynQor, Inc. introduces the latest release in the High Voltage NiQor family of non-isolated buck boost converters with the NQ60W60HGC40. The new NQ60W60HGC40 will operate over a continuous input voltage range of 9-60V. The output voltage is set by using only a single resistor or voltage source, permitting the user to create a customizable output voltage from 0-60Vdc. The broad input and output voltage range satisfies many requirements in industrial, medical and communications markets. The input or output current can be as high as 40A.

The NQ60W60HGC is highly efficient, achieving up to 96%, allowing more usable power to be realized from the converter in realistic system environments. The module features built-in current sharing, clock synchronization and adjustable current limit with current monitor that makes it suitable for battery charging applications.

This user configurable HVNiQor product is particularly useful for applications in high power systems that do not require input to output isolation in the converter or where traditional DC-DC converters do not meet system requirements for power density, efficiency or volume. The NQ60 provides new options for customer requirements that cannot be met with other standard off-the-shelf converters, or where the cost and timeframe usually associated with custom supplies is prohibitive.

Download technical information NQ60W60HGC40 (PDF 4.13Mb)


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