the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2015

"Radiant" Group of Companies participated in the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2015, where it presented the components of Russian and foreign production in the following areas: connectors and electromechanical components, sensors and inertial systems, power modules, VHF components, discrete semiconductors. Particular attention was paid to the connectors for high-speed data transmission systems, optoelectronic converters, as well as to Russian developments.

Specialists of "Radiant" Company together with the engineers of our partner companies – Amphenol, Meggit, Glenair, Colybris – had a large number of negotiations with key companies of the industry (FSUE "GosNIIAS", JSC NIIAO, JSC "UKBP", JSC "Irkut" and others) concerning the application of presented components. The greatest interest was aroused by ARINC 600 connectors of the Russian assembly, Synqor power modules, VITA modular interboard solutions for data protocols, optoelectronic converters, optical connectors, Colybris sensors, as well as the components produced under the import substitution program.



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