The seminar of the Colibrys company



July 30, 2015 in the office of Radiant Group of Companies was held of the Colibrys company, Switzerland. The seminar was devoted about the new products of the Colibrys, the key themes were: a series of accelerometers VS1000 and tuning fork gyroscopes series GS1000, GM1000, GS1000PX.

The workshop was conducted by specialist from Colibrys Mary Meshunicheva and application engineer Yuri Ponomarev from Radiant Group of Companies.

The seminar was attended by senior engineers and constructor of the four domestic enterprises. Much attention has been paid to the application of Colibrys products in oilfield equipment. The experts having discowered with the report about the new products of the company Colibrys, were interested and readiness for cooperation.


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