Seminar with the NTK – Technical Ceramicsc company


On March, 18, 2014 Mr. Kaz ONO, general manager european technical support and marketing, with KISARA SAITO and SEI KAWAMOTO sales managers communication media components of NTK – Technical Ceramics GmbH together with Radiant-Elcom JSC has performed a seminar and presentation of German company in Moscow.

The seminar was attended by 14 leading manufacturers of electronic components from Russia and Belarus.

During this event Russian manufacturers had been informed about specific properties and possible applications of ceramic packages C-SMD, Ń-DIP, C-SOP, C-QFN, CPGA, C-LCC (C-QFN), HYBRID PACKAGE, POWER, FIBER-OPTIC

On this seminar NTK – Technical Ceramics GmbH has declared that technical support and delivery of products will be performed by Radiant-Elcom JSC.



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