Radiant-Elcom CJSC has been certificated according to European standard EN 9120:2010



Radiant-Elcom company attained certification to EN 9120:2010 "Quality Management Systems - Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defence Distributors" and received Certificate ¹ 13.477.026 / 19.06.2013 (registered in system "Oboronsertifica" of Russian Military). The successful passing of certification was a result of effective quality policy and high performance of the quality management system of company. Now Radiant-Elcom joined the limited numbers suppliers of electronic components that have this certificate.

Radiant-Elcom is committed to the highest quality management processes while ensuring a timely supply of quality product at a competitive price to our customers. To ensure this goal, Radiant-Elcom operates its own storage at its Moscow, direct deliveries from the factories and assuring high speed transfer production, while retaining hight control of quality.


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