International Aviation and Space salon MAKS

Radiant-Elcom company will participate in International Aviation and Space salon MAKS. during 27th Aug to 1th Sep 2013.

The International Aviation and Space salon MAKS is a rightful occupant of a leading position in the ratings of major world aviation forums.

MAKS provides participants with the most comprehensive understanding of the Russian aerospace industry's priorities and advances. MAKS AirShow is the only place where one could see aircraft and weapons system prototypes as well as experimental systems that cannot be shown abroad due to some or other reasons.

Plan of the complex

We kindly invite everyone to visit our exhibit. You can find us here - Pavilion D10, Exhibit #D10-33.

At our exhibition stand you will find measuring equipment, high reliable connectors and cable assemblies, measuring modules, sensors and many others.

MAKS tickets

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