Greenray Industries


Greenray Industries is a leading manufacturer of precision crystal oscillators. Now in our 51st year of operation, Greenray high performance frequency control devices are designed for demanding applications from 1 Hz to 1 GHz.


All products are designed, assembled and tested at our facility in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Greenray Quality Management System is certified to the ISO:9001 standard, and we are ITAR compliant.


Greenray product capabilities include OCXOs, TCXOs, VCXOs, and clock oscillators. Greenray manufacture SMT, thru-hole, hybrid and custom products.


Greenray is committed to providing tight stability oscillators that satisfy the special needs of our customers. Low phase noise is also a priority, and these components are available in a variety of package options, including SMT.


While offering outstanding vibration, shock and acceleration sensitivity performance, Greenray ruggedized components also provide competitive stability and phase noise characteristics. In fact, the stability performance of several of TCXOs matches that of an OCXO, but without the excessive power draw and warm-up time. In addition, we offer self-calibrating oscillators with excellent reliability and long-term stability.


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