TT electronics plc is a focused, global electronics company supplying the world's leading manufacturers in the automotive, defence, aerospace, telecommunications, computing and industrial electronics markets.


TT's continuing investment in modern manufacturing equipment and the development of new technologies is based upon understanding our customers' needs and providing solutions.


From our UK base, the group has achieved a truly global reach. TT's have established technical and manufacturing facilities in strategic countries maintaining the successful formula of close liaison with TT's customers in most major overseas markets. In addition, through strategic relationships with original equipment manufacturers around the world, TT's are now in the enviable position where TT's gain double benefit - from the growth in their markets and from the increase in the electronic content of end products.


TT electronics includes:

- IRC. IRC is a state of the art manufacturer of a variety of resistive products utilizing thin and thick film technologies. IRC offers a wide range of wirewound and metal film components as well as an advanced thick film on steel technology line of products.

- Welwyn Components. Welwyn Components is Europe's leading supplier of advanced resistive technologies and custom microelectronics assemblies.

- TT electronics OPTEK Technology . Is an innovative leader in the optoelectronics and lighting industries.

- BI Technologies. BI is a global manufacturer and marketer of passive, magnetics and microcircuit modules.

- TT electronics Semelab Ltd.Semelab supplies hi-rel discrete semiconductors to manufacturers of space, military and industrial equipment worldwide. Specialist areas include RF, Opto, Power and Mil Aerospace. We provide full in-house design, prototyping, manufacture, qualification and screening.

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