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Founded in 1966
Involvement in the development of international connector specifications through EIA®, IEC and ISO as well as PICMG® and VITA.
Introduction of new and unique connector products to the electronics industry.
Patent holder for many unique connector features and manufacturing techniques.
Vertically integrated manufacturing - raw materials to finished connectors.




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Expertise with solid machined contacts provides a variety of high reliability connectors as well as high current density power connectors.
Quality Assurance lab is capable of testing to IEC, EIA, U.L., C.U.L., military and customer specified requirements.
In-house design and development of connectors based on market need or individual customer requirements.
Internal manufacturing capabilities include automatic precision contact machining, injection molding, stamping, plating operations and connector assembly.
Manufacturing locations in southwest Missouri, USA (headquarters); Puerto Rico, France, China, Singapore, and India. Total square footage: 369,000.



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Quality Systems: Select locations qualified to ISO9001:2000, ISO14001, AS9100, MIL-STD-790 and customer "dock to stock" programs. Applicable products qualified to MIL-DTL-24308, SAE AS 39029, DESC 85039, MILDTL- 28748, Space D32, Goddard S-311-P-4 and Goddard S-311-P-10.
Compliance to a variety of international and customer specific environmental requirements.
Large in-house inventory of finished connectors. Customer specific stocking programs.
Factory direct technical sales support in major cities worldwide.
One-on-one customer support from worldwide factory locations.


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