Since our founding in Mankato, MN in 1985, V-TEK has been a pioneer in the development and manufacturing of electronic component packaging and processing solutions. Today our high quality equipment can be found at work around the globe. Building on our component processing expertise, we have also become a preferred supplier of contract component processing solutions and are a fast growing distributor of carrier tape and related materials and supplies. V-TEK, Incorporated is certified ISO 9001:2000.


V-TEK designs and manufactures component processing equipment:


- SMD/Axial/Radial Parts Counters; PC-250+ and VERSACOUNT II
- Peel Force Testers; PT-45
- Tape Splicers; TS-100
- Manual Taping Machines; TM-50, TM-50XL, and RTM-100
- Automatic Taping Machines; TM-4400, TM-5100, TM-6000, TM-6600, and TM-8000 


V-TEK offers a wide range of services at all of our locations:


- SMD/Radial/Axial Component taping and inspection

- Lead Forming for all applications; vertical, horizontal, through-hole, and surface mount

- Programming of devices per your specifications

- Bake, Dry-Pack, Vision Inspection, and Labeling available to meet your needs

- Automated Tinning Processes

- Clean room capabilities



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