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JSC (OAO) "Aleksander Electric" was estableshed in 1992, and in 1998 it was modified into "Aleksander Electric Power Supplies" LLC. During this time company has grown into large manufacturer of unified power supply modules for aerospace industry, telecommunication and general purpose equipment. OAO "Aleksander Electric" has more than 600 clients all over Russia.


Company has more than 2000 product series of DC-DC and AC-DC power modules for input voltages 12, 27, 60, 110, 230 VDC, 115, 220 VAC and output voltages 3..80 V with output power 5..1200 W. They also produce overload and protection modules.

Company equipped with modern test, measuring and technological means. For providing top quality, company carries out vibration, climatic and electrothermal testing.


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