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JSC "RD Alfa Microelectronics Department" is an assignee of Riga Scientific-Research Institute of Microdevices and plant "Invertor", which in their time were a part of the industrial holding "Alfa". In 60s - 80s, these enterprises were East Europe leader in the field of analog and analog-digital microelectronics. Founded in 1962 enterprises factually were pioneers of the mentioned electronic technology.


The specialists of the mentioned institute and plant have accumulated significant scientific and industrial experience in the analogue and analogue-digital fields of technology (Bi,BiFet, complementary Bi, CMOS and BiCMOS), microcircuit design and testing. Now in many respects, this scientific and industrial potential is gathered and concentrated in "RD Alfa MD".


Firm's quality system has been certificated CH05/0392 from May, 18th, 2005 has validity till May, 17th, 2008. of ISO 9001:2000 conformity by "SGS Societe de Surveillance SA Systems&Services Sertification", Switzerland.


The basic destination of company's activities are design and full production of high-rel and rad-hard microcircuits for aerospace and defensive programs in following areas:

 - Operational amplifiers;
 - Voltage comparators; 
 - Timers;
 - Analog-digital and digital-analog converters;
 - AS requested analog, analog-digital and digital-analog microcircuits;
 - Video-transmission systems.

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