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The history of Research and Production Corporation “Integral” started 45 years ago. At that very time were laid down profound traditions for manufacturing highly reliable and quality products. “Integral” successfully participated in programs on development of several space projects, such as skylab “Mir”, space shuttle “Buran”, international skylab (Russian module “Zvezda”).

The joint will and labor of the whole team has made Corporation the undeniable leader in the market of microelectronics.

Today the company can be proud of the fact that RPC “Integral” holds its position of the leading designer, manufacturer and exporter of microelectronic components in Europe. "Integral" scientists made an important contribution to development of technological progress in the country and far beyond its bounds. Within 45 years several generations of engineers and managers have been accumulating those priceless experience and professionalism, which ensure commercial success of this Corporation in severe market.

Now “Integral” amalgamates four design centers and six factories. Company conducts researches, implements new designs and delivers products – microelectronic components and electronic products – almost to all continents. National and international certificates, including ISO 9000, have proved the high level of products quality.

Besides, the unstained reputation of the high-quality and high technology scientific products manufacturer is proved by certification for the compliance to international ISO 14000 environmental standards. More than 70% of products are exported to CIS countries and overseas. Company delivers a wide range of integrated circuits (from standard logic to complex functional microcontrollers and video processors) to its Customers. 

Structure of Corporation 


Unitary Enterprise "Semiconductor device factory"

R&D Enterprise "Belmicrosystems"

Unitary Enterprise "Factory "Transistor"

Unitary Enterprise "Cvetotron factory"




Unitary Enterprise "Design Bureau Nemiga"

Unitary Enterprise "Factory "Electronica"

Design Bureau "Elmash"

Unitary Enterprise "Factory "Kamerton"

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