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CJSC (ZAO) "Kremniy-Marketing" is a successor of "Bryansk Semiconductor Factory" (now ZAO "Gruppa-Kremniy") Marketing Department, is posed to be a part of ZAO "Gruppa-Kremniy" Corporation. Exclusive rights for supplying "Gruppa-Kremniy" products make cooperation with "Kremniy-Marketing" mutually beneficial, as this company is able to rapidly regulate work with manufacturers.

Main activities of the factory are:

 - electronic components supplies;

 - R&D activities of new ICs, semiconductor products; 

 - technical and application support, packaging;

 - documentation support;

 - manufacturing client-specified dies.


"Kremniy-Marketing" products are certified according to GOST RV 20.57. 412-97, GOST R ISO 2001-96


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