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Federal State Unitary Enterprise (FGUP) "Pulsar" was founded in 1953 to be  a leading company in R&D activities in semiconductor field. This company is one of the biggest manufacturer and supplier of HF and UHF transistors and other semiconductor products.

Main application areas for "Pulsar" products are:

    - Satellite-based radiorelay systems;
    - Radiolocation;
    - navigation;
    - Avionics;
    - Detection systems;
    - Power Electronics.


Today we produce:

     - HF and UHF Hi-rel Si and GaAs transistors;
    - Multifunctional integrated transceivers;
    - Integrated circuits of different complexity;
    - Thermal printheads for bar-code machines;

All products of FGUP "Pulsar" are to be strongly inspected according to international standards.

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