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Micran is a modern innovative enterprise with a strong team of specialists, combining experience in the different spheres of microwave electronics, communications, radio location, test and measurement equipment and information security. This unique, talented, multi-disciplinary team is viewed very positively by our current customers and partners. They are always ready to bring their wide expertise to accept new challenges.


Micran, a Research and Production Company is a leading microwave telecommunication and measurement equipment manufacturer in Russia. It was founded in 1991 and has gained a strong reputation as a reliable partner.


One of Micran’s key strengths is the full cycle of research and development available in-house. This gives us an advantage over our competitors.


Other strengths are:
  • Active marketing: Since Micran is already dealing in cutting edge markets and constantly monitors international market trends, the company is always ready to use its skills to come up with solutions that fit perfectly with our customers future needs and expectations.
  • Research: With its own R&D department and MMIC design centre Micran achieves high quality results in its elements development and complex integrated systems, many of which have won prizes. And the greatest award for us is the trust and loyalty of our customers who come to Micran for R&D services.
  • Manufacturing: Our flexible manufacturing facility is geared up for both small lot and high-volume production, allowing us to meet all the needs of the market.
  • Equipment attributes: Our company possesses cutting-edge technology, reliable components, a wide range of operating temperatures possible for our equipment and has powerful systems for fault diagnosis. These attributes coupled with manufacturing using an international quality management system allows us to guarantee the highest performance and quality, even in extreme conditions. The MTBF of our Point-to-point microwave radio systems is 20 years!
  • Service and support: One of the major benefits for local customers is fast service from Micran with highly individual approach to every customer’s needs. For our international clients we are striving to provide the highest level of service and support. With that in mind, Micran picks experienced professionals for training at the facility. Besides, we provide professional help and support directly from our main office.
  • Sales: We are constantly looking forward to find new partners and new ways of co-operation both in Russia and internationally.



Micran is expertly specializes in the following key areas of microwave electronics:


  1. Microwave elements: microwave solid-state elements and components (monolithic microwave integrated circuits on GaAs).
  2. Microwave electronics: Microwave modular blocks and complex systems – multifunctional microwave modules, Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) modules and high resolution radar.
  3. Telecommunications equipment in the frequency range 150MHz to 90GHz: Radio-relay equipment, broadband wireless systems, mobile communications systems, high capacity Ethernet bridges in the millimetre-wave range.
  4. Microwave test and measurement equipment: Noise figure analysers, power meters, oscillator testers, precision waveguide and coaxial accessories as well as custom measurements systems.

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