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Carlisle Interconnect Technologies is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of high performance wire and cable including optical fiber. We are also experts in the design and production of harsh environment interconnect products such as contacts, connectors, cable assemblies, installation kits, ARINC trays, racks and shelf assemblies.



The Carlisle Interconnect Technologies story goes back to 1940, when Henry Dudley Minich organized what was then known as Tensolite. At first Carlisle Interconnect Technologies consisted of a research laboratory employing 6 people in an old converted house at 7 Hudson Street in North Tarrytown, New York. While in the Hudson Street location, investigations into the properties and commercial possibilities of various plastics and synthetic fibers were carried out. The initial emphasis was on such products as yarn, bristles, surgical sutures, decorative cords, ribbon and plastic textile sheeting.


In 1944, the first venture into the insulated wire field occurred when the Department of Defense awarded Carlisle Interconnect Technologies a contract for the manufacture of electrically heated gloves and flying suits for Air Force pilots. After World War II, work with insulated wire was continued. Two of the most successful products being hearing aid cordage and flexible phonograph tone arm wire.


By 1950 it had become evident that a concentrated effort was needed in miniature wire insulation, particularly synthetic materials possessing high electrical resistivity plus such characteristics as flexibility, compactness, light weight, resistance to abrasion, temperature extremes, and corrosive chemicals. In April of 1950 the Tensolite Insulated Wire Co., Inc. was founded by Henry Dudley Minich and his son, Charles Harrison Minich, and manufacturing operations were commenced in newly acquired quarters at 198 Main Street, Tarrytown, New York. The first line of products consisted of wire with wrapped or extruded vinyl plastic insulation.


In 1952 Carlisle Interconnect Technologies entered the field of PTFE insulation and before the end of 1954 expanding operations made it necessary to acquire additional floor space which doubled the size of the Tarrytown factory. In 1960, Carlisle Interconnect Technologies (then Tensolite) became part of the Carlisle group of companies. Carlisle Interconnect Technologies continues to enjoy the support of Carlisle, which provides the financial strength and resources to allow Carlisle Interconnect Technologies to explore emerging technologies and new opportunities as they come to light.


In 1962, Carlisle Interconnect Technologies became the first company to develop a process to wrap polyimide tapes on wire to produce a tougher, lighter airframe wire. This was the start of Carlisle Interconnect Technologies''s aerospace business, which today remains one of the strengths of the company. In 1985, Carlisle Interconnect Technologies developed a unique process to extrude and expand PTFE in a continuous process. This led to a patented high-speed wire and cable insulation system that is the foundation of our RF/Microwave cable technology. In 1988, Carlisle Interconnect Technologies developed the first arc track resistant airframe wire and called it Tufflite 2000. This product is quickly becoming the standard for airframe wire safety.


As Carlisle Interconnect Technologies evolved with the markets we serve it became apparent that we needed to add to our ability to provide total interconnect solutions to our customers. Starting in 1998, Carlisle Interconnect Technologies began to implement a strategy to vertically integrate into value added cable assemblies. The focus was to provide superior high speed, high density and RF/Microwave cable assemblies to our customers. Carlisle Interconnect Technologies's strategic acquisitions provided the company with a fully integrated product line consisting of cable, connectors and cable assemblies. By virtue of our vertical integration, we can provide interconnect solutions encompassing every facet of design and production. Through a single contact, our customers can solve a variety of product needs, including unique cable configurations, custom high frequency connectors, specialized complex harnesses and complete cable assemblies of any complexity. We are firmly committed to staying on the forefront of the development of innovative interconnect solutions.


The employees of Carlisle Interconnect Technologies continue to perform pioneering work in the field of high performance wire and cable and interconnect systems. Our products are sold into the aerospace, wireless communications, optical networking, test and measurement and computer / data communications industries. Mr. Minich would be proud to see how Carlisle Interconnect Technologies has grown from the small beginnings of his laboratory on Hudson Street in North Tarrytown, New York.


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