Plessey Semiconductors Ltd


Plessey is an innovative semiconductor design and manufacturing company With unique process technologies and award-winning product IP plus a highly qualified, skilled and experienced workforce able to deliver market-leading solutions.


  • Globally recognised brand: since 1957 - 55+ Years as a highly respected international British product company
  • Innovation & Technology Centres in Cambridge, Swindon & Plymouth, UK
  • Significant manufacturing assets, land and buildings in Plymouth, UK
  • 30% of staff at PHD/Degree level
  • Rich IP portfolio including 10 patents in just two years


Strategy is focused on products utilising Plessey technologies

  • EPIC is a unique, award winning, sensor product with multiple high volume applications
  • Plessey MAGIC LEDs aims to be a leading player in HB LED market
  • Strong track record of launching innovative products in the market
  • Roadmap defined for future products, including high performance integrated sensor and HB LED smart lighting systems



Disruptive EPIC sensor with multiple proven applications

  • The EPIC sensor is a high sensitivity electric potential sensor that can be used in either contact or non-contact mode:
    • - Contact Mode: for measuring bio-electric signals like ECG, EMG, EOG and EEG
    • - Non-Contact Mode: for measuring disruptions in the electric field caused by human body movement enabling proximity & movement sensing and gesture recognition

Strong demand for products with major opportunities in:

  • Communications … smart-phones and tablets for ECG and proximity sensing
  • Consumer … remote sensing controllers for video games consoles
  • Automotive … alertness, occupancy and slow speed collision avoidance
  • Medical … ECG, tomography and “smart bed” applications

MAGIC High Brightness LEDs

  • Plessey is bringing to market a range of high-brightness high performance gallium nitride (GaN) LED light emitting diodes (HB LEDs) for solid state lighting applications
    • Solid state lighting forms a significant part of the global effort to reduce energy consumption and green house gas emissions
    • HB-LEDs are being designed into lamp replacement products as well as new architectural lighting, street lighting, commercial lighting and medical applications

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