General Director of Radiant-Elcom Andrey Kuznetsov about microcircuits and bicycle

Radiant-Elcom entered into its first contract for the supply of electronic components in 1992. Over twenty years we underwent a lot. Every day we asked questions and tried to find correct answers, every month we dealt with problems and tried to make right decisions, every year we summed up the results and made sure that we would go further. We had a lot to think about, we hesitated, weighed all “pros” and “cons” and always chose to go forward. Often it seemed to us that our work was very similar to riding a bicycle: first it is very difficult to feel and keep balance. However, we had a goal and gradually we became confident that we knew how to achieve it.

When choosing complex supply of electronic components and equipment of domestic and foreign production as our key activity, we realized that probably the only way to interact with partners is to provide full support to clients at all stages and establish long-term relations based on trust. To do so, we engaged highly skilled engineers capable of offering to clients the co-operative elaboration of Feasibility Study, and advanced technical solutions.

After creating information and technical support, we went even further and began to engage in promising development of components. Our team of managers and experts began to conduct Research and Development work and to cooperate with Russian companies for the purpose of the development and production of import-substituting and promising products of ECB. All this required the formulation of our main principle: guarantee of quality of supplied products. We have learnt how to ensure it: by careful selection of suppliers, input quality control, conditions of storage and transportation of products which comply with the existing standards, and reclamation activities. We have created a special department of quality control and have trained out staff to test all supplied electronic and radio devices.

We had been constantly developing the structure of the company, trying to make it as flexible as possible, to make it able to quickly respond to changing needs of clients and to effectively interact with manufacturers. I think we have achieved this goal: 20 years after signing the first contract, we became a dealer of nearly thirty Russian factories and a distributor of many Western manufacturers. After all, we realized that the secret of the bike is very simple: to keep balance and not to fall off, you need to keep moving forward.


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